Your Personal Computer Guys


1. Connect

We will connect to your computer.


2. Diagnosis

We will diagnose the problem.


3. Repair

We will start repairing the issue.

What We Do

We offer a simple, comfortable, and stress free technology support service. Our focus is to fix our customers technology problems right the first time. We are here to set the example for tech support companies worldwide.



We repair almost every kind of technology available to consumers.



We offer a Proactive approach. We believe it makes more sense to avoid problems with proper preparation then to only focus on fixing the problems once they come. With that in mind, we provide services to help protect your technology before it gets problems.



A majority of computers just need a simple tune up. Technology is built to last but it must be given the proper maintenance.

Why Choose Us?

We provide Worldwide Support. Yes, you heard that right.. worldwide support! If you have access to the internet or a mailing service, we can help!


We Fix Your Technology For Good

We resolve 95% of our customers issues the first time! That’s right.. No more wasting your time over and over again because the tech guys were lazy. We want to make you happy the first time!


People Trust Us

Our customers trust us more then the competition because we don’t hide anything! We explain everything as easily for our customers to understand as possible. We don’t want our customers confused, because a majority of our business comes from referrals!

Who We Are

Stress Free PC makes technology easier for the masses. We understand not everyone is excited about technology as we are. That’s why we got into the technical support business. Let us support your technology issues, and live our dream jobs at the same time!

Since 2011, we have been helping customers worldwide! We think it’s important that we not only talk the the talk but walk the walk. We do so by providing the #1 Technology support in America.


Get in Touch

Have Questions? Please contact us and a representative will get in touch.